Global Links Exhibitions & Conferences Organisers Pty Ltd is recognised in the industry as the top organiser for large-scale events. We specialise in organising high profile trade shows, world class conferences, corporate events, expos and live events both locally & internationally.

A Global Vision

Our primary goal is to foster connections between businesses and consumers through outstanding exhibitions and trade shows that create unparalleled customer experiences. We offer unlimited access to both online and offline platforms and we have the resources that can cover end-to-end solutions for every event.


Worldwide Coverage

GL Exhibitions is present in 15 countries working alongside various industries to provide strategic solutions to all of their event needs. We have organised successful events in Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, Poland, Mexico, South Africa & Turkey. We are known for creating B2B and B2E customised performance-based marketing operations & solutions for every sector.

World-Class Experience

GL Exhibitions is experienced in managing events in various sectors including International Trade, Import & Export, Food & Hospitality, Organic & Natural Products, Information Technology & more. With our expertise in technology & strategic implementation of end-to-end online to offline solutions for event operations, we have a proven record that demonstrates prompt increase in event performance, engagement & visitor numbers. With 15 years of expertise in trade & consumer exhibitions industry, GL Exhibitions has the full ability to turn your vision into reality.


Cutting-edge Technology

Through over 15 years of service in the industry, GL Exhibitions is already familiar with every element that makes an event a success. Leveraging on this knowledge, we’ve come up with tools and features that ensure that every aspect of exhibition or trade show is a success. We’ve developed our own technology that can be custom fit into whatever event it is that you are planning. We continue to improve this over the years which allow us to be on top of our game, trusted by many, delivering results every single time.